Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Finish!

Totally DONE! Woo! It's all bound and washed and in the mail! This went to some friends back in Cali who are part Swedish. Thanks to my tall neighbor for holding it up. I was so anxious to get this quilt on its way that I couldn't be bothered to go searching and waiting for a fully sunny photo location. We're getting short on daylight around here these days and I am a busy lady. My favorite part is the plaid quilting. I love the colors too, which don't show up that well in this photo.

It's about 84"x84", Kona Papaya and Kona Surf, quilted with blue Aurifil 50wt which I got near Roanoke, VA last Christmas. I think the batting is Quilter's Dream, but I'm not 100% sure. 

Now... on to the next! Still got those pesky Denyse Schmidt Pie in the Sky blocks to finish up, but in the meantime I've started another Denyse Schmidt design. More on that when I get some photos. I think I'm on about the 700th of about 1000 triangles to cut for that one, ugh. It, too, has just two colors.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Skill Builder BOM

Oops - never even tried to start any of the Skill Builder blocks. Sorry Pile-O-Fabric! So many projects.... so little time! But I have the lessons in my inbox if I ever want to try them since I signed up.


Retro Rubies was really calling my name too. I might try it some time. Maybe after I finish my Tropical Swedish, and my Denyse Schmidt Pies/Basketballs, and my sawtooth stripes (watch for that to be blogged here eventually), and... you catch my drift.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Tropical Swedish - the continuing saga AND a shirt

I'm slow, what can I say? Here's the plaid quilting as suggested in the book (Modern Minimal). I really like how it looks, even with the blue stitching in the papaya color. Yay!! I just have 2 or 3 places where I need to tidy up loose ends where I had to start and stop in the middle of a quilting line.

Now I'm working on the binding. One side left to go! Next time I will take the extra 2 minutes required and audition the binding so I don't end up with a seam in a corner. I thought, eah.. what are the chances? Not bad I guess. Oops.

And here's a Charlie Tunic from Made By Rae that I did for Bea for our plane trip to Ontario. She is in love with airplanes and airports right now. Too bad she refuses to put it on. The airplane print did not convince her, boo. I didn't do the facings on the cuffs. It seemed like the trickiest part and I was trying to get it done before our trip. I think finished cuffs would look a lot nicer and if I had to wear this shirt, I'd prefer finished cuffs to finished vents. It's cute either way though, I think. Waiting to find the perfect buttons!