Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Some kind of slush is falling from the sky again today and I'm at home waiting for the furnace cleaner guy. A good day to start on Mr. Hoots.

And a finish!! The girl seems to like it so I'm pleased. Except... she wants me to read all the words on the text print to her. This could make for a long bedtime...

Monday, April 27, 2015

Truly Terrible Photography

My excuse for the terrible photos today is that it's snowing out  (wahhhh!!) and I had to hide in the basement with my quilting stuff to escape the depressing view. :)

I went another way with my Cottage Garden reading pillow design for the Spring Fabric Challenge. Lots of loose ends to tie up before I can assemble the pillow. I got this idea from Crazy Mom Quilts. This is the front pocket.

And here's a little progress made on the t-shirt quilt. Excuse the monkey photo-bomb!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


On the weekend I checked out the Halifax Crafters Society Spring Fair. So much cute stuff and so many talented crafters!! I mostly exercised restraint but I couldn't resist this little DIY embroidery kit from Kiriki Press. The crafter who creates these kits is (too bad) not from Nova Scotia.

I have done lots and lots of counted cross stitch and a little embroidery so I'm hoping I can whip up this little guy in a day or two... when I get a chance. In the meantime I'm making progress on the t-shirt quilt. Most of the cutting is done.

Oh yeah, and I spotted this Frixion pen at my LQS and had to grab it after reading about it on Adrienne's blog. Marking my sewing with anything except chalk scares me. I'm going to take a walk on the wild side and give it a try :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Spring Day With Snow

Finally! A warmish day with a nice stretch of sunshine. We're back from a week in Florida and a little bit of warmth seems to have come back with us. Time to get a few photos of my Denyse Schmidt Sawtooth quilt (from "Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration") out in the fresh air! There's plenty of snow still on the ground, but there are lots of clear spots too. Reason to hope that spring is actually on its way!!

Posing atop the canoe...

 Sunning on the back deck (notice the lack of a foot-thick hump of ice!!)...

A bit of a close-up...

Showing some backside...

No spare hands could be found to hold the quilt up, so I had to settle for the driest sunniest flat spot I could find. I'll take it!! It's a double size quilt so it was hard to get the whole thing on the screen. The colors are Kona Celery and ...dare I say... Snow.

After this, I'm hoping to squeeze in lots of quilting before I have to go back to work. No plans yet for these fab Kona charm squares I got in the guild swap on Thursday:

I have also ripped apart my first shot at the project I started for the Modern Quilt Guild's spring fabric challenge (some flowery teal and gray Riley Blake fabric). I want to make a pillow and I don't want it to turn into some huge project. Just want to get it done at this point and not have it look weird. No need to show it in its current state, ack!

And my next priority is a t-shirt quilt for my 4-year old daughter. It will be just a few very choice t-shirts integrated into a Cluck Cluck Sew design. That's the plan anyway.

So many quilts in my brain, so little time!!