Monday, January 12, 2015

Blast From the Past

Look what I found in a box of stuff in my sewing room! I periodically rediscover this top and then put it away after not wanting to take on the quilting of it. It took a LOT of hand applique. I copied it from a picture of an antique quilt (1930's I think?) I saw in a book published by Barnes and Noble. So random. Since then I've seen a similar design in some modern quilting book. I can't think of it right now...

I had planned for more white space between the plates, but I ended up having to trim all the blocks after most of them shrank significantly because of the applique. Boo. Sorry for my bad photo skills.

I think I'll have it done by a longarmer. I officially have too many tops now. I'd better get to quilting!


  1. What a beauty! Finish it already!

  2. Wow, Tracy! This is wonderful. Love the red dots. Yes, get 'er done!