Friday, February 27, 2015

baby steps

Told you I was a slow quilter!! Anyway, at least I finished this little wall hanging. A finish is always satisfying no matter how small. Just got to get a nail in the wall now.The way the little squares don't line up adds a lot of charm, right?

Don't be fooled by this ice, which is masquerading as snow! It was all I could do to keep this little guy from sliding away!

Cool hanging pockets a la my MMQG friends! (sideways shot, sorry, I missed the how-to-photograph-quilts talk at the last guild meeting!)

Sawtooth is ready to go now. But after one false start (I didn't like the wavy lines I tried and ripped them out before I got too far.), I tried just horizontal straight lines. But I'm still not sure about the spacing. So... it's in progress.

How are people using these snow days for inside quilting time? I am filling them with ice chopping and shoveling :(

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