Monday, May 18, 2015

Owl and a Winner!!

Congratulations to Jennifer who is the winner of my Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop giveaway!!

She said:
Am really enjoying this blog hop! It's a great way to learn a little more about our quilting "neighbours". Looking forward to seeing where your quilting journey takes you. I would have a head time pinning myself to one favourite fabric but when I close my eyes I see the Tidal Lace collection by Kim Andersson and wish I had designed

I checked out Tidal Lace - yep! Super cute and very Maritimey!! (even though the Windham site says the designer lives in San Francisco.... bonus, that's where I used to live). The square ruler will be headed your way soon!

As for things in the crafty category for this long weekend... well.... we had to shop for a new oven, and I have pulled some muscles in my back so I'm feeling pretty immobile, and the weather was really nice so I had to play outside as much as possible, and there was this beer fest I had to go to and.....


So I set a small goal for myself for the weekend and that was to finish the owl. It's not perfect but I still love this little guy. 

It would be really fun to try some of the other critters. They are just so darn cute!!! Really you should check them out. The free online stitch guide was great and the kit included everything except for the embroidery hoop and a needle (and scissors, but I think you can scrounge up a pair, right?).

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