Monday, January 28, 2013


Well I meant to post some work-in-progress photos, but I got on a roll this weekend and actually finished this awesome play TeePee for B. It's from Growing Up Sew Liberated which I got for Christmas, yay!

Working with canvas was no problem for my Bernina. I used a jeans/denim needle and just regular 50-wt cotton thread. The only SNAG occurred when winding a bobbin. Ew, I hate throwing away this much thread. I hadn't threaded the winder properly, oops! The pattern said to use home dec. fabric for the trim, but my LQS is good and terrible, so I just used quilting cotton. It seems fine so far.

Whoopee! I even did bias binding around the outside AND the inside of a circle. That was the part I was most scared of, but it worked out fine. 

 Can't show you any pics of the thing actually standing because now I have to find some bamboo poles. Good luck to me in Nova Scotia in winter. I don't want to wimp out and use hardwood dowels, though, which are easy to find because those will be heavy and expensive. This week's mission is to find some poles!!! Oh yeah, and I need a couple patches of velcro, but that's no biggie. Oooh, I can't wait to show you what it looks like if I can actually get it to stand upright!! And if B actually goes inside it!!

And here are some solids I found in my pile that I thought of using for the Skill Builder BOM. I don't know if there's enough contrast in the warms. And I have lots of some colors and not much of others. I'm already taking a pass on the first two blocks since we were all flu-filled zombies when they came out and I wasn't into it. They were just made of straight strips anyway.

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