Sunday, December 30, 2012

Skill Builder

I couldn't resist this one: Pile O'Fabric's Skill Builder Block of the Month. I signed up, but I've already given myself permission to not do all the blocks since

A) Some of the blocks look like things I already know how to do, or don't really tickle my fancy
B) I've got a lot of WIPs going on (is this just the new-school term for UFO's?)
C) Sampler quilts don't really tickle my fancy
D) I'm on the verge (I HOPE!!!) of getting a new job, so I might be kind of busy soon.
E) I can't afford to buy a bunch of new fabric for now

Pile O' Fabric

I'm thinking I'll try most of them and make placemats or mini-quilts out of them individually, and if any of them are totally cool, I can make a quilt out of that. They're quilt-as-you-go, so that makes me feel like I won't be just making a new big pile of UFOs.

Some of the blocks look SO COOL, and I'm most excited about doing some practice with free-motion quilting, since I've only tried a few inches' worth, ever! Yay! I'll keep you posted :)

Meanwhile, in fabric bowl land...

I whipped up this bowl - my first try at one with a handle - to hold a bundle of Christmas gifts for a neighbor. One side of the handle got attached pretty crooked, but mostly I was happy with it. It was tough to line everything up since the handle was too short to let me happily nest the assembly in its inside out form. These things are just so darn cute! I'm hoping to avoid OD-ing on them so I'm going to put this pattern aside for a while :)

And these are some Design Seeds color schemes I want to play with some day. Some day.....

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