Thursday, June 19, 2014

...and Matching Elephant Daddy Jams

Happy Father's Day! 

The bloomers are a little big for junior right now, but we're about to switch to cloth diapers so hopefully they'll fit over his big butt then. The daddy-jams fit, though. Phew! I traced a knit pair of daddy's pajama pants and was worried about the difference between knit fabric (stretchy) and the quilting cloth (not stretchy). It worked out fine because the knit jammies were plenty roomy. I also used the buttonhole feature of my sewing machine for a legitimate purpose for the first time on these where the drawstring goes in/comes out. So easy!

And here's an Open Wide zipper pouch I made for B. The colors look terrible in this photo, it's cuter in the daylight :)  Sewing a zipper for the first time was not too bad, once I figured out the zipper foot on my machine. Oops, got to change the needle position, drrrr! It's Heather Ross on the outside and Kona on the inside. B is keeping her shell collection in there for now.

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